Saturday, October 15, 2011

The first entry...I'm nervous!!

Hi Everyone! My name is Emily and I live in South Boston, Massachusetts. I'm 26 years old and enjoying this new found desire to try new things and meet new people! I love my friends, my family, where I live, and have a pretty unique job. However, I have also have a very strong passion for cooking and trying new restaurants. 

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts in May of 2007 with a Hospitality and Tourism degree. UMASS is where I first started cooking, entertaining and really and enjoying it. I took all of the food and beverage classes where I got to learn my basic cooking skills and food safety. When graduation time came I was thinking about enrolling in Le Cordon Bleu but a family friend introduced me to a wonderful company where I have been lucky enough to be going on 5 years there. 

I wouldn't trade how things ended up but I keep finding myself wanting to learn more and try new things in the kitchen. With this blog I hope to share some new recipes, foods, techniques, and of course restaurants!

Below are just a few snapshots of my kitchen. I love all the counter space I have for prep and the granite is such a great stone!

A Kitchen Aid stand mixer is worth the $!!

I like to fill the empty jars on the right with different pastas when I have them

Love my double drawer freezer!!


  1. welcome to the blog world! It's a pretty awesome place. I look forward to following your culinary adventures and I am so jealous of your kitchen!!

  2. Thanks Daisy! I am looking forward to it as well :)