Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day with family, friends, and LOTS of food :)

I had to share these adorable cookies that my friend Jen made...she even won the cookie competition at the school she works at with these bad boys! Way to go Jen!!!!

What you will need:

- Oreo cookies

- Candy corn

- Mini Reese peanut butter cups

- Vanilla frosting

- Whoppers

- Orange decorating icing

- Black decorating gel

**Jen's tip: Put reeses in the fridge before you start. You have to cut them and it makes it easier if they are cold**

Take 1 Oreo and gently pry it open. Put a dollop of frosting at the top. Stick candy corn "feathers" into the frosting. 

On a second Oreo put another dollop of frosting right on top and place the "feathered" Oreo in it standing upright.  

Cut a round edge off one side of a Reeses so it can sit flat on the Oreo. Use frosting to glue Reeses against the Oreo base. 

Use frosting to stick a whopper against the feathered Oreo to use as a head. Cut the tip off a candy corn and stick it on as a nose using frosting. 

Put some frosting into a plastic sandwich bag and cut the edge off to make a piping bag. Pipe white icing onto the whopper for eyes. Put a dot of black gel onto the white for pupils. Use orange frosting as feet.

Thanks again Jen for sharing your super cute cookie idea :) 

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  1. SO cute! Sounds like that Jen is quite a crafty gal