Monday, December 10, 2012

Mason Jars and Chalkboard Paint - a perfect match!

I love mason jars. 

Actually, I have a mason jar obsession. Ask my roommate...she will back me up on this.

I purchased some Classico sauce and what do you COMES in a mason jar. Jackpot!! When the jar was finished I  the soaked and scrubbed the label off then ran the jar and cap through the dishwasher.

Once clean, I sprayed the tops with 2 coats of Rust-Oleum Specialty Chalkboard Spray Paint and let dry overnight.

When I need to use the jar I always label the top with Pentel Arts Wet Erase Chalk Marker. When it's empty the writing comes right off with a wet paper towel and the jar can be re-used!

Oh, and aren't they adorable??


  1. love love! i have that chalkboard spray stuff and need to get on a project asap!

  2. Happy July 4th. 2014..found your blog via Pinterest. It's raining here today, good day to clean and organize the garage and some other projects. Weather is still damp, not raining, just misting, sprinkling. Good for pulling weeds after the 3/4 in. rainfall yesterday afternoon. I was trying to find out whether to use dry erase or wet erase chalkboard markers on the chalkboard labels and came across your blog where you used a mason jar for storing Orzo and found my answer. I'm in the mood to re-arange and organize garage cabinets but need help. Doubt if my daughter or grandchildren would be available or willing to help today. Guess it's me and DH if I can convince him and he's not good on his feet so I doubt if I can recruit his help. He fell twice last week so I'm leary of asking him to help.

    Hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday! Is it proper to fly the American Flag in rainy weather?