Friday, January 11, 2013

How to Store Fresh Herbs

I kept buying fresh herbs to only have them go bad in the first day or two. I tried storing them in plastic bags, tupperwear, wrapped in a damp paper towel...nothing worked.

So after doing some research online here is the best option I have found so far:

Fill a glass cup or jar with about one inch of water. Place the herbs in the glass and cover loosely with a plastic ziplock bag. 

I find the herbs last about a week, week and a half max with this method.

Much better than having to waste them and throw in the trash! 

Let me know if you have any herb storage tips :)


  1. Good idea! I want to plant a little herb garden this spring...though i sad that the past 2 springs. lol

    1. You should check out Williams-Sonoma. They have a ton of stuff for growing your own herbs no matter what size/space you have!

  2. good idea. i hate wasting herbs too!